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Birthdate:Jul 31
This was actually a meme, but since I always give away too much information, it reads more like a bio than the daft one I used to have up here.

Lotsa random facts:

Most of you probably know that my long term goal in life is to be a writer. I am realist enough to understand that it will probably never be my full time job, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to write something that's good enough to actually get published. Unlike most of my friends I write contemporary stories. I never write romance, because I feel badly written mush often ruins what could have been a good story. I write for my own entertainment as much as the readers', but I like sharing my stories with others.

I have been making up stories since I was 2-3 years old. First they were innocent tales about talking cats and dogs who went treasure hunting and exploring, but by the time I was 12 I had developed a morbid taste for stories about illness and suffering. My poor characters - all humans by then - endured lots of torture, sometimes by the hands of antagonists, but more often through horrible diseases that I made up. It didn't have to be believable, the most important thing was that they suffered incredibly much. I had this "becoming a better person through pain and suffering" theme going on. In my newer stories it is often oposite, the more a character goes through, the more warped and capable of cruelty they become. I also never write conventional villains anymore.

My other dream is to move out to the countryside and have a lot of pets. By a "lot" I mean a couple of dogs, 2-3 cats, maybe a few rabbits and chickens. Oh, and a fish tank. Always wanted a fish tank. I'm a born and bred "country girl", used to run freely around in the forest and derelict parks in my neighbourhood. Though I don't mind visiting cities and spending some time there, it's good to get home to the more rural/suburban parts of the world again. I'm a declared cat person, but I do have a thing for dogs and I'd love to own one or two in the future. Not quite sure what sort of dog I'm going to get, most likely it will be a couple of unique and interesting mutts.

My mom said many times that water was my true element. I love swimming, whether it is in the ocean, a lake or a pool. As a kid I actually spent most of the time swimming under water. I was never especially afraid of water (only of jelly fish, the poisonous sort), which led me to do a few things that were pretty stupid and could have been dangerous, especially the one that is known as The Bathing Toy Incident of 1984.

Pretty much every single fandom I've ever gotten involved with online can somehow be traced back to my involvement in the HP community a few years back. It all starts there. I made my first internet-friends through Potterdom, and I miss the good old days when there were still more books to come and we spent the years between speculating, analyzing and coming up with one theory crazier than the other. I even miss the crazy drama that went on in the community, all the bizarre personalities, the ridickulous conflicts and the forum wars. The end of Potterdom left a hole it's not easy to fill.

I used to think that getting a long, difficult education was the road to happiness, because pretty much every adult I knew stressed this fact so many times during my childhood and adolescense. For a few years I tried to be "intellectual", reading difficult books and trying to aspire to something higher than life as a countryside oik, believing it would make me happy. It didn't really. In fact it made me miserable. I am what I am, I guess.

I believe in God, and that he sees into your heart and knows whether or not you are a good person. You can fool yourself and everyone else, but not Him.

I think that women can do everything men can do. And sometimes we do it better.

I never fall in love. Not with boys, not with girls, it just never happens.

My taste in music can hardly be described as anything other than miscellaneous. Unfortunately it's almost all mainstream, the sort the cool, creative people I look up to describe as mind-numbing.

Every now and then I decide that just writing isn't enough for me, and desperately try to gain proper drawing skills as well. Both of my parents were really good at it, but for some reason the talent must have skipped me. Waaah! In my jealousy and desperation, I tend to stalk the LJs of popular artist because I hope to learn something from watching their work.

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